21st Century Learning: Beyond "The Buzz"

A Summer 2010 Journey for Teaching Faculty at Aurora City Schools


This wiki will serve as an online record of our conversations and learning as we develop a personal perspective of what 21st Century education is, along with the characteristics of learning that foster what are termed "21st Century" skills.

The site navigation can be found in the left margin. There you will find links for the following areas:

  • Homepage: You're looking at it right now.

  • Documentation, Tutorials, and Resources: This is where documents, videos, files, etc. are posted which are relevant to our exploration.

  • Quotable Quotes: Sometimes a few words are put together with a special combination of wit, perspective, and/or wisdom, and they compactly summarize the gist of a big idea. A few have been added to get us started.

  • The 21st Century Partnership Model: This is the where we post the results of our group work, where we enter into the specific areas of the 21st Century Partnership Model.

  • Explorations: Several different Web 2.0 technologies will be available for sampling throughout this Summer journey. Each sampling will be placed in the context of an "exploration". The purpose is to frame the use of a particular technology in the discovery of some facet or characteristic of 21st Century teaching and learning.

  • Personal Perspectives: Links to blogs created by participants where they progressively add reflection and commentary regarding individual perspectives, frustrations, and moments of revelation.

Need Help?

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