The 21st Century Skills Partnership Model

We've provided a graphic of the 21st Century Skills Partnership model below. We've broken out the 4 sections of this model, and our resource materials will be added to each of these sections on this wiki.

The P21 Framework

The goal of our web-based product is to provide a resource that anyone can come to and get specific perspectives on each of the colored areas above. In each case, our product should paint a tangible picture as to what this looks like in a public education classroom.

Our resource should also approach the concept of each of these areas with candor and honesty, identifying roadblocks and potential concerns involved with how these concepts, principles, and ideas get implemented.

The navigation area on the left has the four elements of this framework broken out. Each team will edit the element that they elect to investigate. Content provided should be relevant to that particular element, and include as many forms of available media as possible, (text, audio, video, etc.).